From the Latin root of cooperative, cooperari, comes coshoperari. Meaning to shop cooperatively.
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Be a part of your community, be a part of the solution.

Live together, shop together.


How it works

Staying In?

Great, you're helping reduce the spread by not going out more than needed. Now you just need to let your friends know what you need. Start by adding your first grocery request. A grocery request only needs one thing, something you want a friend to pickup for you. You can add additional requirements, like it needs to be from a particular store, or the max you'd like to spend on that item. You can add multiple items to your request, but keep in mind that this isn't meant to replace your normal shopping, so don't go crazy.

Now you wait. Hopefully on of your friends will see your request and offer to do the shopping for you. Once that happens you'll see a shopper is assigned to your request. We'll send you a message when a friend picks up your request.

Once your shopper gets your things they'll bring them to you. You and your shopper can work out how to pay. We're working on providing some integrations into platforms like Venmo.

Going Out?

We all need groceries, but while you're out, why not help a friend who needs a few things?

If you know you're going out later you can put in an offer now. Just let your friends know where and when you're going, and put in a max distance you're willing to go. We'll let your friends know so they can put in a request.

If it's a last minute trip just drop in and see a list of requests from friends near you. If you're already headed that way and are willing to pick up a few things for a friend just let them know (well, let us know too, so we don't have others shopping for the same things).

Once you're done shopping just drop off the items for your friend. You and your friend can work out how to pay. We're working on providing some integrations into platforms like Venmo.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I make sure I'll get the right thing?

    Be as specific as you need to be in your request. If you are looking for a specific size say so. If brand matters to you then include the brand. Shoppers will do their best with the information they are given.

  • How do I make sure it doesn't cost more than I'm willing to pay?

    If you have a limit on what you're willing to pay for something you can specify that limit in the request. Remember that the limit is per item, so if you ask for three (3) items that you expect to pay $1 a piece for don't make the mistake of doing the math yourself and specifying $3. Please also keep in mind that shoppers will not be including tax when they figure this number out.

  • How do I get paid?

    You should make arrangements with the buyer before purchasing the items. We highly recommend using some form of contactless payment, like Venmo, Apple Cash or PayPal.

  • How can I be sure I'm paying the right amount?

    If you are concerned about paying too much you should request whatever form of verification you are comfortable with while working out payment with the shopper. Any arrangements should be made before the items are purchased.

  • I just received a message saying a friend has offered to pick something up for me but I no longer need that item; what should I do?

    Just contact your friend (we provide a link in the app) and let them know.

  • I can't find something that I agreed to buy; what do I do?

    Just do your best. If you can't find it then don't get it.

  • The item requested costs slightly more than the buyer said they'd pay; should I still get it?

    That's really up to you. Some buyers might be willing to pay the extra amount, but they are not obligated to do so. If you spend more just be ready to take on that cost yourself.